So, I’ve been thinking about the WAF (wife acceptance factor) of Żuk. I love the metal roof, fire hoses, and lights, but also want to give Kat some headroom too. Literally.

So while I’ve been re-wiring the interior electrics I’ve been thinking about what I want the finished camper (if there even is such a thing) to ‘be’, and I have to be realistic about wanting to keep the look of the old vehicle, whilst building something we could actually live in.

The roof in happier times..

Until now this thinking has mainly been about the type of engine we might fit (and I’m thinking Turbo Intercooled XUD  1.9 at the moment – but dream perhaps 4CTi90-1BE or other Andoria – but I must be realistic about parts in UK..), but the layout of the camper has been on my mind too. Kat wants to be able to stand up fully, with a sink, a fridge and a table or counter to work at. I want to be able to sleep without having to move cushions, furniture or assemble Ikea furniture all the time, and whilst I initially wanted to have the split folding rear doors allow us to look up at the stars from our bed, I’ve quickly come round to the idea that I want a separate rear tools and engineering space, quite separate from the rest of the interior.

Crazy metal high top conversion. Loads of space though!

Anyway, to cut a long story short. This week, a GRP (fibreglass) VW high top came up for sale CHEAP, and local to where the Zuk is, and the seller was willing to remove and deliver. It is narrower, and potentially shorter, and a bit too high. But who doesn’t like a challenge!

Now, I think it may be possible to cut and extend (or shrink) this roof to fit the Zuk. So I’m going to buy it and see what is possible. Before  doing this I figured I best mock up what this could look like, and I had hoped (still do somewhat) that it will be possible to keep the emergency lights at the front.. but for now I have just done two quick photoshops of what this roof might look like on the Zuk!

So the roof “could” work. Perhaps. This would give double bed “upstairs” and lots more storage space. Please excuse the rushed photoshop, but I just needed to see what it looked like. I also think white will be closer to Straz colour and the Polish / English colours, although Kat prefers a red roof. Now I need to think where the lights would go somehow..


This week I was also busy installing new blade fuseboxes where old continental style holders where, having made a mount for them using Vauxhall radiator mounts (although I still need to fix them in with a strap above). I also began reconnecting the black plastic dash. I planned to go to Sadness version immediately, but there is too much else to do on the van and this can wait!


I am still researching Lublin II 2.4 TD or XUD Turbo Intercooled engines – both are same power and both have the advantage and disadvantage. The 4C90’s bolt right in, but parts are impossible to find in the UK. Where XUD parts are common across all europe, but will have to be made to fit somehow.

If you want a Zuk in the UK, or are considering an engine swap, I’ll be documenting everything when it happens, but right now, it’s fix electrics, fix brakes, get lots of welding done!