A new Zuk A15 is welcomed by ukZuk to these shores! This shiny example from 1992 is owned by Russell (pictured) who drove it from Jaworzno to its new home near Bristol (the best way to get to know any Zuk). I popped over to see how UK MOT preparations were going and how the project came about..

ukZuk: Why a Zuk?

“I chose a Zuk because I wanted a cheap retro van for a quirky camper project, (small world!) I considered a Nysa or some cheap polish van, so messaged my Polish friend Piotr. He was very excited and looked on the Zlombol forums and eventually found the Zuk I now own today!”

ukZuk: What was involved in getting the van?

“My friend spoke with the guy and it seemed good, so we put a deposit on it. Piotr was driving down to Poland for a holiday in July so me and two mates flew down to Katowice and met him. We picked the van up, had some pizza and went up to Piotr’s families house in Lodz.”

ukZuk: Did it need much work before setting off?

“We did a few bits on the van and got a few parts it needed installed, and set off the very next day… this included building the additional seating so we could sleep on the way back!”

ukZuk: What was the trip back like?

“The journey home allowed us to get to know our new purchase – this included topping up the brake fluid thanks to a leaking brake cylinder as well as regular stops for fuel (the S21’s penchant for unleaded not exclusive to my old lump then..) The journey home (including sight seeing) took us a week..”

ukZuk – Did you make the most of the roadtrip opportunity?

“I’ve done Zlombol and other car rallies as a team and on my own, so the journey wasn’t particularly daunting, especially as I wasn’t on my own and knew the Zuk was up to it. On our way back we avoided toll roads and slept in the van at service stations, stopped at Wolfsburg to see the VW museum. Next we carried on to Amsterdam before staying in a hostel and cycling the city.”

“Next, we went via Zeeland and stopped at a beach for a swim, we camped by the Belgian border and had a BBQ. Oh, we also went to Bruges for a few hours before visiting Dunkirk..”

“Once back in the UK we dropped a mate off in Kent then carried on home to Bristol.”

(It is true what they say… once you own a car you start noticing them everywhere…)

I’ve dropped around some brake parts to help get the van through the UK MOT and look forward to seeing the van project develop. Please join ukZuk in welcoming Russell to the ukZuk fold and wish him luck for the MOT!

More generally, I’m impressed so many people are getting interested in our favourite Polish insect. At this rate we will be approaching double figures of Zuk in the UK.

You can follow the adventures of the fire bus on Russells instagram The Fire Bus

Interested in buying your own Zuk from Poland? Need help sourcing parts?
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