Welcome to ukZuk,

The home of boxy communist vehicles & adventure in the UK!

I began this site in 2016 when I decided that I would extend my love of 1970’s & 80’s cars by importing a 1985 FSC Żuk A15B from Poland to the UK.

Despite my Polish father-in-law telling me explicitly  to never buy a Zuk; I did it anyway. It has turned out to be the best-worst decision I’ve ever made.

I made some amazing new friends who were also crazy enough to bring Zuks to the UK, and together we are a growing group who enjoy documenting retro vehicles.

In 2018 I switched from writing blogs to making more YouTube content, and in 2019 Karol also joined our YouTube channel, where were are now preparing our vans for some crazy challenges and adventures.

We are now in the process of converting this old blog into a place where all of Kaktus Team can tell the stories of our adventures ( like Zlombol 2021!) and also look forward to bringing you more helpful articles, opinions and hidden stories behind our videos and adventures!

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Andy | Kaktus Team