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Rebooting ukŻuk

It's been a year since my last confession. This blog was a tiny home for my Żuk on the web before I started vlogging on our YouTube Channel. I never wanted this blog to slip behind my progress, but the... Continue Reading →

Made a T-Shirt. Will anybody buy?

So you can see that most of the time lately I have been making videos on . This is going to continue, but we have BIG plans. More creators on our channel, bigger adventures, more vehicles, more owners. But... Continue Reading →

New Straz on the Block

A new Zuk A15 is welcomed by ukZuk to these shores! This shiny example from 1992 is owned by Russell (pictured) who drove it from Jaworzno to its new home near Bristol (the best way to get to know any... Continue Reading →

Anglik robi Żuka #4 New LED headlamp powerup Pug  XUD9TE/L engine test! Subscribe to ukŻuk on YouTube

X-UD’ing potential

Quick engine update. I've bought a smelly diesel that will annoy the purists.. I like the petrol engine  in the Zuk don't get me wrong. If I wasn't building a campervan it would probably be great. It's certainly the engine... Continue Reading →

Anglik robi Żuka #3 Subscribe to ukŻuk on YouTube

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Sleeping with the enemy

So, I've been thinking about the WAF (wife acceptance factor) of Żuk. I love the metal roof, fire hoses, and lights, but also want to give Kat some headroom too. Literally. So while I've been re-wiring the interior electrics I've... Continue Reading →

Xmas Roadtrip 2016

Wesołych Świąt!  (Happy Christmas, pronounced "Veh-saw-wick Schvee-aunt) Here's a mini update on our drive to Poland for the holidays and back. Xmas is culturally quite different in Poland. Santa comes on the 6th, presents are done on the 24th, which... Continue Reading →

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