UKZUK, Nysa & Tarpan

Anglik Robi Żuka | Żuk Party Bus | Team Kaktus

ZukTube: Sadness + Straz x5 4 x A15 videos after the jump!

LED + Wipac Headlights

I have started work on the headlight upgrade. The original lamps were shockingly dim. If you are thinking about adapting Zuk, this (left) is the template I used to plasma cut aluminium rings that will I will use to convert... Continue Reading →

Fire (hazard) Power

Whilst welding is important, the electrics on Zuk are downright dangerous. Behind the dashboard (which seemed to still work) I found this mess... There is so much bare, melted or twisted wiring behind this dashboard. There are remnants of the... Continue Reading →

First Zuk I ever saw..

People ask me where the idea of getting a Zuk came from. Firstly: a love of road trips  Secondly: a desire to have a camper van one day. Thirdly: a trip along the north coast of Poland and a day... Continue Reading →

Cleaning tip

Polski Parts #2

Special delivery! The first batch of parts arrives.. They were well packaged and arrived in just a few days. But in terms of quality, what should you expect? Getting parts using the tactics developed in my first post  has been going... Continue Reading →

Euro Zuk Simulator

It is true that once you own a vehicle you see them everywhere. So, from time to time when I see a Żuk somewhere in popular media such as videogames etc. I'm going to post it. As a game developer... Continue Reading →


So my better half has encountered Zuk for the first time.. I think I'm going to wait and see how she feels once it's got an MOT before I record her official opinion on the matter. In other news I managed to... Continue Reading →

ZUK Fatboys

Zuk have a very specific offset. Luckily, it's shared with a mainstream model so you can get some rims that don't look like giant Fiat Tipo steelies. So I've just been up to Leeds to collect some Suzuki Vitara "Fatboy"... Continue Reading →

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