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Rust & Stardust

So. A little more done in terms of stripping back the Zuk. On the plus side. A store in Poland has all the Zuk parts I need in stock..These pictures tell just about everything else you need to know.. The... Continue Reading →

First Impressions

After a day of stripping bits and pieces from Zuk, it is safe to say buying a vehicle from 1500 miles away is not for the faint-hearted.. Check out the first photo gallery .. Check back soon for the next update. It... Continue Reading →

Polski Parts #1

Polish spares for Żuk are cheap and plentiful. But even if you are used to international eBay, there are still a few obstacles to overcome.. Here are a few things to consider when buying spares from other sites Websites like... Continue Reading →


Good question. The blog or the Żuk? I'll do my best to answer both next week in a big 'official' first post. Right now I need to get these polish metal splinters out of my fingers and get on the... Continue Reading →

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