So. A little more done in terms of stripping back the Zuk. On the plus side. A store in Poland has all the Zuk parts I need in stock..These pictures tell just about everything else you need to know..

The floor is available in four panels. So it’s looking like I need 3 of the four, although the front left side will likely be cut up to fabricate a smaller panel. I think at this point it’s good to note that the back floor of the van is made of wood.

The worst part is the floor on the right hand side, that goes from under the seat, and up to the wheel-arch. Luckily for me there is an amazing engineer / welder down the yard so I will be looking to see if he will work on it for me..

Has all this rot changed my opinion about the Zuk? Perhaps strangely, no. If anything, it’s in fact the opposite.

But I’ve got to catch all that rust now.