I have started work on the headlight upgrade. The original lamps were shockingly dim.

If you are thinking about adapting Zuk, this (left) is the template I used to plasma cut aluminium rings that will I will use to convert the front panel to Wipac 7″ standard (Land rover) to bring the lamps forward to meet the grille.


I could have gone for a 35-40mm outer ring to be sure. But 30mm should have been fine, but my rings came out less than 30 all round – because we decided to use a plasma cutter!

I’ve gone for units with built in DRL+IND because the Zuk needs all the visibility it can get. I went with these lights as they will still provide some of the “face” of the van and if I don’t like them, I can fit any Land Rover lamp.


Due to the cut I have had to go for some interesting m5 bolt placement, but it does mean that the rings keep some of the original look. I’ll post some more pictures once the new front end electrics are complete, but I have to crack on with the wiring inside now.

Lights will be snug!