Taking the Zuk out of Poland, literally.



New Straz on the Block

A new Zuk A15 is welcomed by ukZuk to these shores! This shiny example from 1992 is owned by Russell (pictured) who drove it from Jaworzno to its new home near Bristol (the best way to get to know any Zuk). I popped over to see how UK MOT preparations were going and how the project came about.. Continue reading “New Straz on the Block”

Anglik robi Żuka #3

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Anglik robi Żuka #2

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Xmas Roadtrip 2016

Wesołych Świąt!  (Happy Christmas, pronounced “Veh-saw-wick Schvee-aunt)

Here’s a mini update on our drive to Poland for the holidays and back.

Continue reading “Xmas Roadtrip 2016”

ZukTube: Sadness + Straz x5

4 x A15 videos after the jump!
Continue reading “ZukTube: Sadness + Straz x5”

LED + Wipac Headlights

I have started work on the headlight upgrade. The original lamps were shockingly dim. Continue reading “LED + Wipac Headlights”

Fire (hazard) Power

Whilst welding is important, the electrics on Zuk are downright dangerous. Behind the dashboard (which seemed to still work) I found this mess… Continue reading “Fire (hazard) Power”

Polski Parts #2

Special delivery! The first batch of parts arrives.. They were well packaged and arrived in just a few days.

But in terms of quality, what should you expect? Continue reading “Polski Parts #2”


So my better half has encountered Zuk for the first time.. Continue reading “Convinced?”

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