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ZUK Fatboys

Zuk have a very specific offset. Luckily, it's shared with a mainstream model so you can get some rims that don't look like giant Fiat Tipo steelies. So I've just been up to Leeds to collect some Suzuki Vitara "Fatboy"... Continue Reading →

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First Impressions

After a day of stripping bits and pieces from Zuk, it is safe to say buying a vehicle from 1500 miles away is not for the faint-hearted.. Check out the first photo gallery .. Check back soon for the next update. It... Continue Reading →


Good question. The blog or the Żuk? I'll do my best to answer both next week in a big 'official' first post. Right now I need to get these polish metal splinters out of my fingers and get on the... Continue Reading →

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