Wesołych Świąt!  (Happy Christmas, pronounced “Veh-saw-wick Schvee-aunt)

Here’s a mini update on our drive to Poland for the holidays and back.

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Xmas is culturally quite different in Poland. Santa comes on the 6th, presents are done on the 24th, which is the day you eat your Christmas dinner too. There is no turkey, only carp but luckily it is a time of much merriment! Anyway, this is a Zuk blog, so what follows is only a little summary of our mission driving to Poland and back in order to have a great time, not forgetting to buy awesome beer and as many Zuk parts as the car would carry.


We arrived Kat’s parents house in time for a white Christmas, but as you can see from this pic from the end of the trip, the grit and dirt of 2000+ miles certainly took its toll.

2016-12-30-13-37-15I was also really glad we’d refreshed the winter tyres on my daily driver as we literally avoided two outside lane collisions in the space of 10 minutes on the autobahn just before Dresden. The car performed flawlessly the whole way and didn’t miss a beat.

Anyway, Christmas was awesome and we saw loads of our extended family and friends, but of course, what really matters is Zuk related proceedings! So, one day of our trip was actually doing work duties as part of a big EU research project I am involved in at work. I took footage above in and around the city of Sosnowiec during a tour we had.

“Luckily” this work trip happened to be along the route of a a place I found on OLX that had Zuk parts. As the images above show, you can’t just a book by it’s cover; I now have a new fuel tank, exhaust loads of other bits and pieces.

In terms of Zuk spotting however, I did less well. I did not see a single one. I did much better picking up all sorts of different beers from all over the place and as gifts so this made the pain of Zuk spotting failure much less hard to bear.


Next was the sprint all the way back to Eurotunnel. The return trip is always so much of a mission that Kat doesn’t have the energy left to deny me an autobahn-burger! Anyway. Xmas was great and I was also able to pick up replacement lights (to meet UK road law – I hope), as well as a variety of Zuk themed presents including a T-shirt and keyring. The secret of my ownership is getting out!