Whilst welding is important, the electrics on Zuk are downright dangerous. Behind the dashboard (which seemed to still work) I found this mess…

There is so much bare, melted or twisted wiring behind this dashboard. There are remnants of the lights, siren and PA systems, much of which is incomplete, and still live!


First job is to identify and make safe all the twisted wires, sorting out the switches felt like untangling Christmas lights – or perhaps I was just getting in the holiday spirit.. By this time it was clearer inside what was original to the Zuk and what had been “added”. It’s crazy to think they did no solder, OR insulate..

2016-12-04-15-56-05By now, one side of the dashboard box is clear and I’ve cut / removed the old fuse box. I am not a fan of this “continental” style fuse box, so I will change this for a modern “blade” fuse box. There are two of these old fuse-boxes in the Zuk, you can see the feeds to the others going off to the left.


The plan eventually is to use the metal sadness dashboard, but I will need to make a new binnacle for this. So for now, it’s going to be a case of making the old one suitable for MOT, which means switches and tell-tales and no chance of fire occurring..