People ask me where the idea of getting a Zuk came from. Firstly: a love of road trips  Secondly: a desire to have a camper van one day. Thirdly: a trip along the north coast of Poland and a day in Ustka, August 2016.I had been told about amazing 30 degrees Celsius temperatures in Poland during the summer, but the reality of our stay was much more challenging in terms of the weather.

2016-08-02-19-54-43-1I spent much of the time looking at cheap vans like the Bedford CF and Ford Transit campers when the rain was bad, and there were many online we could have bought, but there was always something majorly wrong.2016-08-03 18.18.03 copy.jpgOne day we stopped to look at the military armaments in Ustka before heading on to Gdansk and other places and there was not only a split window VW camper but a transit on display.

2016-08-04 12.58.15.jpg

And then, walking around the harbour having queued 2 hours to catch the ferry across one way (as their expensive bridge is broken and unsafe) I noticed this vehicle:2016-08-04-14-43-30

Sure I’d seen Żuk and UAZ online, and even on Polish roads in the distance, but never up close..2016-08-04-14-43-33It was simultaneously the best and worst thing I’ve ever seen. I instantly wanted one. Kat (and later her father upon hearing about my discovery) said Żuk were terrible and I should NOT even think about buying one as they were terrible.2016-08-04-14-43-45Her father went further saying,”Andy my boy. Do not buy Żuk. Is a bad car”..

It will be interesting when he finds out what I’ve done…this Christmas in Poland..2016-08-01-20-30-28We will be back to Poland next summer, perhaps even with a żuk some time.The sunsets, beer, the company and the landscapes made it all worthwhile regardless of the weather. We saw some amazing places, and it will be great to go back.

Ustka – Wikipedia

Monuments in the town include a lighthouse from 1871 (rebuilt to include the octagonal tower in 1892), Main Post Office from 1875 and church from 1882. The first historic records mention the village of Ujść or Ujście of Pomerania in 1310. As part of the Holy Roman Empire it was ruled by Dukes of Pomerania.