It is true that once you own a vehicle you see them everywhere. So, from time to time when I see a Żuk somewhere in popular media such as videogames etc. I’m going to post it.

20161219195449_1As a game developer and associate professor working on various technology projects I often turn to videogames or  vehicle projects to unwind. One of the most cathartic games I have found to play is Euro Truck Simulator 2.


I actually enjoy long distance driving in real life for similar reasons. But ETS2 has stayed with me in ways many more complicated games have not. Simply put. I have a multi-million pound trucking empire that I might dip into once every month or so – a slice of escapism well away from my daily life. If you don’t believe me, check out its reviews.


I’ve had a few mods installed for a while, but really surprised to see this on the other side of the road the other day.  Where was this driver headed? How was the Żuk managing motorway speeds? I had many other questions, but it was great to see one in a game!


If you want to see 200+ additional vehicles in ETS2 check out the AI Traffic pack by Jazzycat. Just put it in your mods directory, start the game and go to mod-manager. He as got loads of vehicle packs and you can check them out here: If you know any great PRL van references post them in the comments.


See you on the roads of Europe.