It’s been a year since my last confession.

This blog was a tiny home for my Żuk on the web before I started vlogging on our YouTube Channel. I never wanted this blog to slip behind my progress, but the simple truth has been that until NOW it has been impossible to both vlog and blog simultaneously (especially because my Żuk has required far more work than I could have ever imagined).

But it’s now time for a HUGE leap forward and to begin to introduce new content (and new faces) into the mix.

This blog will begin to pull everything together.  

Back in 2015, it felt like I was the only crazy Żuk owner in the UK, but now there are more of us, and it’s not just Żuk’s that we are importing either;

Any blocky or bonky communist vehicle is now welcome in our ranks, and we will be further expanding content beyond our regular “Anglik Robi Zuka” and “Żuk Party Bus” vlogs to include unique and interesting vehicles, UK challenges and international adventures.

This site will now feature the in-depth content and stories behind and beyond what is shown in our YouTube channel, and will provide both technical and entertaining (or at least interesting content) beyond what is available on our social media ( such as our Zlombol Kaktus Team or UKZUK, NYSA & Tarpan Owners Groups ).

In my next post I’ll pass the mic to some Kaktus Team members, and share some more on the plans we’ve got too.

Andy | Kaktus Team