Taking the Zuk out of Poland, literally.



X-UD’ing potential

Quick engine update. I’ve bought a smelly diesel that will annoy the purists..

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Polski Parts #2

Special delivery! The first batch of parts arrives.. They were well packaged and arrived in just a few days.

But in terms of quality, what should you expect? Continue reading “Polski Parts #2”

ZUK Fatboys

Zuk have a very specific offset. Luckily, it’s shared with a mainstream model so you can get some rims that don’t look like giant Fiat Tipo steelies.

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Polski Parts #1

Polish spares for ┼╗uk are cheap and plentiful. But even if you are used to international eBay, there are still a few obstacles to overcome..

Here are a few things to consider when buying spares from other sites Continue reading “Polski Parts #1”

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