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X-UD’ing potential

Quick engine update. I've bought a smelly diesel that will annoy the purists.. I like the petrol engine  in the Zuk don't get me wrong. If I wasn't building a campervan it would probably be great. It's certainly the engine... Continue Reading →

Polski Parts #2

Special delivery! The first batch of parts arrives.. They were well packaged and arrived in just a few days. But in terms of quality, what should you expect? Getting parts using the tactics developed in my first post  has been going... Continue Reading →

ZUK Fatboys

Zuk have a very specific offset. Luckily, it's shared with a mainstream model so you can get some rims that don't look like giant Fiat Tipo steelies. So I've just been up to Leeds to collect some Suzuki Vitara "Fatboy"... Continue Reading →

Polski Parts #1

Polish spares for Żuk are cheap and plentiful. But even if you are used to international eBay, there are still a few obstacles to overcome.. Here are a few things to consider when buying spares from other sites Websites like... Continue Reading →

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